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Clashes break out ahead of G8 summit

Clashes break out ahead of G8 summit
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Clashes have broken out between police and anti-G8 protestors in Scotland.

Near Stirling, about 70 kilometres away from where leaders of the group of eight industrialised nations gather today for the start of a summit, demonstrators pelted police with bricks. Protest groups have been camping in several nearby towns. Police say at least 60 people have been arrested in various hotpots. They say eight officers required hospital treatment for injuries. Authorities have now decided to call off a protest march they originally said would be allowed to take place near the summit. Demonstration organisers say they will go ahead with the event anyway. Thousands of protestors are expected to converge on the summit venue: the Gleneagles golfing resort near Edinburgh. Police have promised to respect genuine demonstrations, but say they will come down hard on people who are there simply to provoke violence.