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Bush promises new climate plan

Bush promises new climate plan
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Speaking just hours before the start of the G8 summit, US president George W Bush, promised a new strategy to help control global warming.

The United States is the world’s biggest polluter but it is the only G8 member not to have signed the Kyoto accord on emissions reduction. During a visit to Denmark, Bush said he had a new plan which he said he “couldn’t wait” to share with other world leaders at the summit. He also answered criticism concerning suspects held at Guantanamo Bay. “Prisoners are well treated in Guantanamo. There’s total transparency – the International Red Cross can inspect any time, any day and you are welcome to go. The press are welcome to go down there. “Secondly we’ve been sending many home.” During his stay in Denmark Amnesty International issued an open letter, co-signed by two Danish political parties, questioning the treatment of prisoners at the military base.