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Albanian opposition projected to win election

Albanian opposition projected to win election
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Confident of victory, supporters of the opposition celebrated an unconfirmed triumph in Albania’s general election. The Democratic Party faithful rallied around their leader Sali Berisha on Monday evening but the count is still going on. After slightly more than half the votes were counted, TV stations in the country were predicting a win for the party. But the situation remains unclear. As the vote dragged on towards a third day, mutual allegations of cheating and intimidation surfaced bringing the count to a halt at some polling stations.

But earlier international monitors had expressed some optimism. One said the ballot had complied to a degree with international standards. Amid the uncertainty the ruling Socialists, led by Prime Minister Fatos Nano, still say they are in the race. The EU has been following the election closely as a mark of Albania’s progress towards candidacy for membership of the bloc.