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Japan said to be ready to throw in the sponge over ITER

Japan said to be ready to throw in the sponge over ITER
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A final decision on where to put the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor – ITER – is expected to be made at a ministerial meeting in Moscow this Tuesday. Japan wants a range of incentives in return for giving up its bid. It has been wrangling with France for more than a year over which of them should host the 10 billion euro reactor. Whether it ends up in Rokkasho-Mura or Cadarache, according to Kyodo news agency, China and South Korea are unhappy with a draft agreement reached between Japan and the European Union. There are suggestions that it gives Japan preferential treatment. The ITER project involves the U.S., the EU, China, Russia, Japan and South Korea. The deal is said to include 20 percent of the research jobs going to the country that gives up its bid — Japan — and the building of extra research facilities there. The host country would cover half the reactor’s construction and operation costs; The five other countries in the project would split the rest equally.