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Tsunami rebuilding begins, but slowly

Tsunami rebuilding begins, but slowly
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Six months after the tsunami hit several countries around the Indian ocean, the region remembers, and the memories will take generations to fade. Much left in that giant wave’s wake will be long-lasting, it seems, for despite the unprecedented global aid response to the disaster, much rebuilding work has yet to begin, and some think it will be at least a decade before the worst-hit areas recover completely. In Aceh, Indonesia, for example the Reconstruction Agency only began its home rebuilding programme this week, and it is unclear how many homes the budget will stretch to. Thousands still live in tents, and are facing their first monsoon season in them. Fishermen who have been able to put back to sea in new boats are happy that there seem to be more fish than before. Their contribution to rebuilding the economy and feeding the displaced masses is critical. Tourism is also vital for the region, and much of the initial rebuilding has focused on getting hotels and beaches back into operation.