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France and the "Don't Knows" are targeted by EU campaigners

France and the "Don't Knows" are targeted by EU campaigners
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The countdown continues in France for Sunday’s crucial vote on the European constitution. With the latest opinion polls claiming the “No” vote has the slimmest of leads, campaigners for both sides realise the “Don’t Knows” could swing the result either way.

But what at happens after the “Nos” win? Asks Daniel Cohn Bendit who is leader of the Greens in the European parliament. He’s definitely for the “Yes” camp. He provides his own answer by dismissing the “No” argument as being put forward by “disparate groups who have no cohesive programme to replace the constitution.” But the warnings keep coming from those opposed… Henri Emmanuelli who is the former the former leader of France’s socialists and uses the example of the European airbus to object. He claims that the prestigious project had massive subsidies in the early days, but if the new charter had been in place these would never have been allowed. He also compares the European Constitution with that of the USA. “The American version is purely concerned with institutions but Europe’s will establish a political and economic framework,” he says. He goes on to express fears that the liberal ideas of the document’s author, Giscard d’Estaing will prevail. Surprisingly, one of the more obvious opponents, Jean Marie Le Pen of the far right has been less prominent. While he’s campaigning on nationalist themes, for others it comes down to jobs. In the south of the country 10,000 winemakers were demonstrating their fears for their futures after Sunday.