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Outrage at intimate pictures of deposed leader Saddam

Outrage at intimate pictures of deposed leader Saddam
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Reaction to the publication of a photo showing Saddam Hussein in his under pants has been one of outrage in the Middle East. The intimate picture appeared on the front page of Britain’s biggest selling daily newspapers.

Zeyad Khasawneh, lawyer for the deposed leader, condemned the action. He said:” The act of taking the picture and the act of publishing it are two crimes that go hand in hand, taking the picture was a crime and publishing it was a crime and both parties should be punished,” he said. In Saddam’s home town of Tikrit, locals expressed disgust at the photo, claiming it was a violation of human dignity. The newspaper had quoted a US military source saying they had handed over the photo hoping to deal a body blow to the resistance in Iraq. That being so, it is an action which may have backfired among ordinary people. One Iraqi said: “We are a civilised country. We are cultured and this is not a correct thing to do.” Anti-American feeling has been running high in Gaza, Iran, Syria and within the Arab community in London. It comes only days after violence erupted when a US publication claimed a Koran had been flushed down a toilet. With President Bush’s wife Laura currently visiting the Middle East, her mission to calm things down has got a whole lot harder.