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EU-Cuba storm warning

EU-Cuba storm warning
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Europe’s relations with Cuba look like they are returning to rock bottom.

Visiting European politicians have been bundled off to the airport or put straight back onto planes when they arrive. The latest were a Czech and a German. Two Polish Euro-MPs were expelled on Tuesday. Several Polish journalists and one Italian have been arrested. Dozens of foreign politicians and reporters had been invited to observe a Friday meeting by opponents of President Fidel Castro. The Communist government did allow the meeting to take place. In Brussels, a spokesman for the humanitarian aid commissioner Louis Michel read a statement from his boss. He considered the incidents unacceptable. Parliamentarians of any country had the right to travel around, and even to take part in meetings of the opposition, he said. Havana has ignored EU calls for the release of 61 jailed dissidents. The European Union decides next month whether to reapply diplomatic sanctions over human rights abuses in Cuba.