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British and French politicians named in oil-for-food

British and French politicians named in oil-for-food
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A US senate report says two leading politicians from Britain and France were implicated in a scandal surrounding the UN’s oil-for-food programme in Iraq. The committee which compiled the report said former French interior minister Charles Pasqua and British MP George Galloway had been given the right to buy oil under the scheme.

The oil could then be sold on for a commission, but the report does not say either man ever received any money. Both Pasqua and Galloway deny they were involved in sales of oil. The senate report claims Pasqua had the right to buy 11 million barrels of oil while Galloway was entitled to 20 million. It says it has gathered evidence from documents drawn up from Saddam Hussein’s oil ministry. Galloway says the allegations are a repeat of earlier ones for which he successfully sued a British newspaper. The oil-for-food programme was set up in 1996 to allow Iraq to buy food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies from oil revenue without breaking UN sanctions.