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Feta name for Greek cheese only - EU Court expert

Feta name for Greek cheese only - EU Court expert
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Denmark’s dairy producers are furious they appear to have lost their feta appeal in the European Court of Justice.

Germany shares their complaint. The legal adviser to the EU’s top court has recommended a 2002 ruling stand: that Greece should have the exclusive right to call its cheese feta. The Danes’s branded the decision “extremely biased”. Half of their some 75 million euros-worth per year of the industrially-produced salty white cheese is sold within the EU. The opinion is a victory for Greece. Feta is believed to have been produced there for around 6,000 years. Under the expertise of the Luxembourg-based court, historical pastures and methods leaves no room for argument. Athens has campaigned since 1994 for geographical protection for feta, which is made from a blend of sheep and goats’ milk.