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Quake fails to register with several tourists

Quake fails to register with several tourists
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Some 4,000 people were temporarily evacuated from parts of Thailand last night, including the tourist island of Phuket. But this morning all was calm, with several holidaymakers saying they had not noticed anything out of the ordinary. Thousands of locals and foreigners lost their lives in Phuket when the gigantic waves struck last year.

But this woman said, but for a phone call, she would not have realised anything was amiss yesterday: “We didn’t feel anything, we got a call at two o’clock this morning from my parents back home saying that they saw it on the news. So we got up and turned on the news and watched it for an hour our so, looked outside and… we were nervous, but at the same time we were staying up high so we felt fairly comfortable where we were.”

Phuket is still trying to get back on its feet after the Christmas tsunami. It has not been helped by a significant drop in visitor numbers, although the main strip, Patong, has been the most successful at luring back the holidaymakers.