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French minister to explain "lies" on TV

French minister to explain "lies" on TV
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France’s finance minister Hervé Gaymard may soon be out of a job following the latest revelations in an official residence scandal. The minister, who has eight children, recently moved into a huge flat linked to his job in central Paris; two flats, in fact, knocked into one at an additional cost of over 30,000 euros. He is moving following the news he already has a large flat in the capital that he was renting out. But worse, today the French press reported he had lied about his wealth in a magazine interview last week.

Gaymard, from a modest background, claimed he owned no property, but in fact he does. Lots of it. Moreover he and his wife actually earn enough to be liable for wealth tax, reserved for France’s highest earners. At the demand of the prime minister he is to go on television tonight to explain himself, but he is being disowned by colleagues and attacked from within his own party and the opposition.