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Argentina jail mutiny ends

Argentina jail mutiny ends
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Argentina’s prison mutiny is reported to have come to an end.

Authorities in the country’s second city Cordoba say inmates who took over 70 people hostage, protesting against over-crowding, have now surrendered. The provincial police chief says all the hostages have been freed, just hours after 13 people including prison guards and inmates’ relatives were released. Rioting prisoners seized the facility during family visiting hours on Thursday afternoon. At least eight people were killed. Argentina has seen 263 prison riots since 1986 but they have become less frequent since 2000, according to a private study. Cordoba city governor Luis Juez said the jail was old and falling apart and that prisoners lived in “subhuman” conditions. A group of inmates were seen on the prison roof yesterday, threatening prison guards with knives and firearms and hurling bricks at police. The mutineers were demanding an amnesty, which the governor of the province has firmly rejected.