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Logistical troubles still hamper tsunami relief efforts

Logistical troubles still hamper tsunami relief efforts
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Two weeks after the tsunamis hit southern Asia and helicopters are still the only way to reach some areas affected. Aid workers say it is not enough. Patrick Halton from Unicef said: “Here we are today using the chopper which is great for speed but I think in the long run we need to get those causeways repaired and get the roads back operative again.”

The same kinds of logisiical problems are hitting relief crews in Indonesia. It took a convoy of German trucks two days to carry their load of water purification plants to Banda Aceh, the worst affected region. In Thailand elephants are being used to help clear away wreckage and recover the bodies of the victims. Locals say the powerful animals are far more effective than off-road vehicles in the thick vegetation of coastal areas. Over 150,000 people died in the series of massive tidal surges.