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Michel in Darfur, EU gives more aid

Michel in Darfur, EU gives more aid
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Europe’s new Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Louis Michel has made Darfur his first destination abroad since taking office.

More money has been promised for Sudan, especially the Darfur region, 51 million euros more, bringing the total EU donation this year to around 300 million euros. The money is mainly for food, health care and shelter. More than 1.6 million people have been driven from their homes during conflict over scarce resources, and an estimated 70,000 people have died since March from malnutrition and disease. “I am here to bring people together, I am here to argue in favour of peace. I am not here to separate people. I am not here to put oil on the fire.” The visit demonstrated the EU is serious about seeking an end to the causes of the suffering. Michel declined to say whether the government had done enough to rein in Arab militia, in accordance with U.N. Security Council resolutions. The UN has threatened Sudan with possible sanctions if it fails to stop the violence, which the United States calls genocide.