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Yushchenko calls for 'political strike' in Ukraine

Yushchenko calls for 'political strike' in Ukraine
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Protesters have continued to camp out overnight in Kiev amid warnings that Ukraine is on the brink of civil war. Opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko has rejected the official election results, which give Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich the presidency.

The pro-western candidate strengthened his position, calling for a general strike. Europe, the US and Canada have all heavily criticised the poll. “Today, in front of you, I want to swear that because of this official result my struggle against this regime will be more determined and more fierce,” he told a cheering crowd. “We are announcing a nationwide political strike.” The revolutionary atmosphere in Kiev remains strong. However it is not clear if Yushchenko’s call for a walkout at schools, factories, government offices and transport hubs will be successful, especially in Russian-speaking industrial areas. But his cause has many supporters, including celebrities like Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest winner Ruslana. She says she is going on hunger strike until Yushchenko is declared president.