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Ukraine deeply divided on election outcome

Ukraine deeply divided on election outcome
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The opposition protests in Ukraine are been compared to what happened in Georgia a year ago. Back then mass protests toppled the unpopular president Eduard Shevardnadze. He was replaced by a younger western looking leader. But Ukraine is far more divided. The driving force behind the street protests in Kiev may be a group called “Pora” which translates as “Enough:” The police have warned they are prepared to use force to get the protestors out of the city centre but so far are showing restraint

But the crowds are expected to grow as buses ship in more protestors especially from cities like Lviv considered a stronghold of Victor Yushchenko. However the Russian-speaking East favours the President-elect Viktor Yanukovitch. He appeared on state television last night calling for calm and ruled out calls for a new election.

His supporters have been celebrating quietly but international condemnation of the way the Presidential election was handled have come in from both the EU and Washington.