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Marines push deeper into Fallujah

Marines push deeper into Fallujah
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It has been nearly a week now, and they say the battle is almost over. American and Iraqi government forces are continuing to push through the rebel stronghold of Fallujah.

They found evidence of torture chambers and hostage detention areas. As they advance towards the south of the city one military source said the resistance was getting stronger and better organised, with foreign fighters from Chechnya and Syria making a stand. Iraqi minister Kasim Daoud has said over 1,000 insurgents have been killed in the battle. But his claims the fight was finished were played down by Washington. There have been ongoing attacks in other parts of the country. Near Baghdad a US solder was killed during an insurgent attack. The northern city of Mosul has seen a surge in violence, with gunmen taking to the streets and looting a former US base in response to events in Fallujah. Seven people were reportedly injured when a car bom went off as a convoy of Iraqi National Guards went past.