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Humanitarian fears as Fallujah assault continues

Humanitarian fears as Fallujah assault continues
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As the assault on Fallujah enters its sixth day US Marines say they have control of 80 per cent of the Iraqi city. They believe that their job will be finished soon.

Military sources have said a small number of the hundreds of fighters taken into custody are foreign militants. Fallujah was considered a hotbed of Sunni muslim resistance, a stronghold for former members of Saddam Hussein’s military and security forces. The Iraqi Red Crescent has described the situation in Fallujah as “catastrophic”. It has sent a convoy to provide relief supplies to those trapped inside the city, while on the outskirts thousands of people are living in tents. While the American offensive is believed to be making progress, insurgents have begun staging revenge attacks elsewhere in Iraq. In the northern city of Mosul they took over nine police stations.