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Dutch anti-Muslim backlash continues

Dutch anti-Muslim backlash continues
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Another Muslim school has been targeted in an attack in the Netherlands, this time in the southern village of Uden. Firemen struggled to save any part of the building from a blaze that appears to have been started deliberately. According to Uden’s mayor, the arsonists left a message behind them saying: “Rest in peace, Theo.” “White power” was another inscription. The first reference is to the murder of Theo Van Gogh, the iconoclastic director and recent author of a film exposing the pain in an Islamic woman’s marriage.

He was shot and stabbed last week in a broad daylight attack in Amsterdam. A Muslim, suspected of links with terrorism, was arrested for the crime. Since Van Gogh’s killing there have been several attacks on Muslim schools or mosques. The most serious was a bomb blast at a school in Eindhoven on Monday. None have so far claimed a victim.

Van Gogh was cremated on Tuesday. At his funeral there were symbols of his creative life. Wine, cigarettes and a cactus for his prickly nature adorned his coffin, to remind all present that he was no saint. With an Islamic terror group now saying it will take revenge for acts against Muslims, the potential for the situation to deteriorate yet further seems high.