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Racial tension grows in Netherlands

Racial tension grows in Netherlands
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There has been an explosion at a Muslim school in the Dutch town of Eindhoven. No one was injured. The blast happened at around 3:30 CET this morning. There was serious damage to the school and windows in nearby buildings were blown out. Police believe the attack could be linked to the murder last week of film-makerTheo van Gogh, the grandson of the world-famous painter. His suspected killer has dual Dutch and Moroccan nationality.

Van Gogh had recently made a film which strongly criticised the way women were treated in Muslim society. He had received death threats after it was broadcast in August. Since his killing, mosques and Muslim schools nationwide had been under tight security. Last weekend alone, three mosques were the targets of attacks in Eindhoven and another mosque in Rotterdam was covered in racist graphiti. Muslim organisations staged a peaceful demonstration in The Hague at the weekend to protest against the killing of Van Gogh. The Dutch government has vowed to take tough action against Islamic radicalism.