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American and Russian astronauts return from ISS

American and Russian astronauts return from ISS
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A US-Russian space crew has made a dramatic return to earth after six months at the International Space Station. American Michael Fincke and Russian Gennady Padalka bounced back on to dry land in Kazakhstan after a three and a half hour journey, but finding them took a little longer than expected because there was no light.

When their Soyuz capsule was finally detected the two men, who were joined by fellow Russian Astronaut Yuri Shargin who had spent eight days on the ISS, were said to be fine. They were wrapped in blankets and given tea before being examined by doctors. Work on the ISS has been limited since the US Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003, when all seven crew onboard were killed. Now only Russian spacecraft are used to send supplies and crew to the station.