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UK court compromises on terminally ill boy

UK court compromises on terminally ill boy
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The British mother of a terminally ill baby boy has lost a High Court case demanding doctors put her son on a mechanical respirator if his condition deteriorates.

But in the compromise ruling Ruth Winston-Jones did win the right to have her child given heart massage. Her spokesman stressed the more positive side of the ruling to reporters: “Ruth today has been successful in her High Court battle on behalf of her son Luke. In a judgement given by the president of the Family Division, Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, Ruth has won the right to have Luke resucitated if his condition deteriorates.” Nine-month-old Luke has a rare genetic disorder called Edwards Syndrome. He has serious heart problems and is not expected to live more than a year. The decision mirrors one made at a UK court earlier this month that doctors do not have to resuscitate critically ill premature baby Charlotte Wyatt if her breathing stops again. The cases have been brought as hospitals seek to establish their legal footing if there is a disagreement between parents and doctors.