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Spanish try court bomb suspects

Spanish try court bomb suspects
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Campaigning Spanish judge Baltazar Garzon has begun hearing the case of ten suspected Islamic militants accused of plotting to attack the High Court in Madrid.

Police believe the group wanted to blow up the building that houses the country’s top anti-terrorism investigators and judges. The suspects were picked up in six different cities around the country earlier this week. All have criminal records. They include suspects of Algerian and Moroccan origin who live in Spain. The inquiry also appears to have turned up wider links to Islamic radicals operating in Europe. Authorities in Madrid have also asked for the extradition of an Algerian currently being held in Switzerland. Known by several other names, including Moohammed Achaf, it is thought he could be the ringleader of the court bomb plot. He is also reported to have exchanged letters with one of those behind the 1993 world Trade Centre bombing, and organised a group of willing suicide bombers while in jail in Spain three years ago.