Relatives and friends carry the coffin of 23-year-old Ralph Malahi, one of the firefighters that died in the Aug. 4 explosion.

Thousands commemorate firefighter killed in Beirut blast

Thousands paraded through different parts of Beirut to commemorate a firefighter who died in the Beirut explosion.

Ralph Malahi, a 23-year-old firefighter, was among 10 firefighters killed in Beirut's massive explosion. Colleagues carried his coffin on their shoulders.

Malahi was given a hero's funeral, starting from the firefighters' base.

"We are all sad, we all know him, everybody knows him, all (of) Lebanon knows Ralph," said fellow firefighter Habib Abou Nasr.

Malahi is the seventh firefighter to be retrieved from under the debris in the port at the scene of the blast. Three remain missing.

The young man's mother, weeping, blamed the government for her son's death.

In anguish, she asked why the port had not been cleared, referring to the government's knowledge that highly explosive material was stored there.