VIRUS boy marathon

Boy with cerebral palsy completes marathon charity walk

A nine-year-old British boy with cerebral palsy completed the last stage of his marathon walk for charity on Sunday.

Tobias Weller, who uses a walking frame, completed the 26.2 miles - or 42.195 km - in stages over 70 days.

He crossed the finish line outside his home in Sheffield to rapturous cheers from neighbours, family and friends.

Weller, who also has autism, started walking his street with his mother as a form of exercise during the country's lockdown.

But inspired by Captain Tom Moore, the centenarian veteran who raised tens of millions, he decided to set off on his own charity walk.

Weller's marathon effort helped raise over 50,000 pounds (61,700 US dollars).

He plans to donate the money to The Children's Hospital Charity and a local special needs school.