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Welcome to the family vineyard that survived two world wars

Eva visits Vinarija Vujic, a boutique winery nestled in the Serbian mountains.
Eva visits Vinarija Vujic, a boutique winery nestled in the Serbian mountains.   -   Copyright  Euronews Travel
By Max Thurlow

Welcome to our latest video series, Rerouted: The Balkans, which sees social media influencer and YouTuber Eva zu Beck discover the cultures, customs and traditions of Eastern Europe. Eva takes us off-the-beaten-track on a road trip through Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Albania. We meet the wonderful Balkan people bringing a modern twist to ancient traditions and travel through pristine, untouched landscapes. You might not have planned to visit these countries before but one thing’s for sure - they’re about to become top of your travel bucket list.

This week, Eva continues her journey through Serbia. A country full of stunning landscapes, friendly people and, as she finds out in this episode, a vineyard that has stood the test of time.

Eva spends this episode at Vinarija Vujic, a boutique winery nestled in the Serbian mountains. It is run by husband and wife Bora and Radica and it has been in their family for over 120 years.

They haven't updated most of the equipment they use, including the ancient and heavy grape press which Eva has a go using.

Why the reliance on this old equipment? "We don’t want new things, we want quality to make the wine in a natural way," Bora says.

Impressed by how much effort each step of the wine-making process takes, Eva is taken on a journey to learn about their family traditions and the values that the vineyard keeps alive.

"From love towards winemaking and the vineyard", he continues. "We don’t care about money and riches. We just want to prove we can make something really special."

What makes this wine so special?

The vineyard has survived many challenges, including the two world wars, communism and the breakup of Yugoslavia.

And special the wine is, having won multiple awards and now being exported to several countries.

"We want to show our children that money doesn’t make you happy the same way that working at the vineyard does," says Radita.

Eva is moved by the beauty of her surroundings - watch the video to see the incredible drone shots of the vineyard and the countryside.