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Costa Rica plans to offset visitors’ environmental impact

Costa Rica is establishing itself as an ecotourism hotspot
Costa Rica is establishing itself as an ecotourism hotspot   -   Copyright  Unsplash   -  
By Sarah Palmer

Given the opportunity, would you invest in offsetting your carbon emissions?

Costa Rica is going to start offsetting visitors’ carbon footprints in an effort to support sustainable tourism.

The Central American country, known for its rugged rainforest landscape, is establishing itself as an ecotourism hotspot.

Home to 2,000 forest species - some rare or endangered - a report by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT) concluded that world travellers view Costa Rica as a country where people respect nature and the environment.

To reinforce this reputation, tourists will now be able to opt for carbon offsets which will contribute towards the green economy. 

Carbon offset schemes enable countries, businesses and individuals around the world to invest in projects which ultimately benefit the environment. Essentially, you can buy back the carbon you spend.

In Costa Rica, the initiative includes tree planting, regeneration of natural environments, implementing agroforestry systems on farms and protecting hydrographic basins. All this, in theory, compensates for transport, waste and any other potential impact travellers may have.

Longer term, Costa Rica aims to maintain its dense rainforests, and **reach total carbon neutrality by 2050. **