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Azerbaijan salt cure: A breath of fresh air!

Azerbaijan salt cure: A breath of fresh air!
By Galina Polonskaya

This week, in Postcards, a breath of fresh air from Azerbaijan!

Salt Mountain Duzdag, 14 kilometres from the city of Nakhchivan, is a natural treasure that can cure the body.

Salt was extracted there even in the days of the Great Silk Road.

And in the 20th century, its tunnels were used to treat chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

"You can sense the smell of salt even at the entrance to the tunnel," said our reporter Galina Polonskaya. 

"To get the therapeutic effect, you need to stay here for at least five hours!"

The course of treatment - known as speleotherapy - lasts for about two weeks. And, according to local doctors, the percentage of those who recover is rather significant.

What's more, it boasts other benefits.

"This place not only helps treat bronchial diseases. We have also noticed an amazing effect on the skin. "You'll never guess how old I am!" said Dr Zulfia Qasanova, head of the Duzdag Physiotherapy Centre.