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  • Finland has conditionally backed an application to build a nuclear reactor in the north of the country, prompting the Greens to quit the administration
  • Vladimir Putin says Western sanctions against Russia violate principles of World Trade Organisation
  • Armed Shi’ite rebels push into Yemen’s capital Sanaa after clashing with the army in the city’s northwest outskirts
  • IPSOS MORI poll shows 53 percent of Scottish voters support staying in the United Kingdom

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20/12 10:54 CET

US midterm elections 2014 may seal Obama’s fate

US midterm elections 2014 may seal Obama’s fate

Come 2014, Americans will switch into campaign mode again. The Congressional mid-term elections on November 4 have the potential of dramatically shaking up the political landscape for the next two years, thus determining the agenda and the legacy of the one man whose name is not…