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Welcome to euronews' special coverage of the British election, a cliff-hanger if ever there was one. In the most closely contested vote in decades Labour is fighting for its life in government, the Conservatives are struggling for an overall majority and the Liberal Democrats are striving to create a new order in British politics. The campaign has gripped the nation and intrigued the outside world as never before.

At this crucial juncture for Britain euronews has joined forces with the veteran correspondent Keith Graves, who will present our live coverage from London on election night and the day after. The UK General Election 2010 coverage is on air and online from April 27 - May 7.

The British journalists at euronews have been watching the unfolding drama with deepening interest. We've been working on the full range of stories in the build-up to the ballot, trying to make sense of it all for our worldwide audience. Anyway, election fever has taken hold in the newsroom, across all euronews' language services. Here members of the anglophone team present their thoughts and insights as expat journalists watching events in the UK from a distance.

General elections 2010

  Conserv. Labour Liberal Dem. Others Total
Seats 305 258 57 30 650
Change +107 -97 -5 -1 0
% Votes 36.1% 29.0% 23.0% 11.9% 100%
Change +3.8% −6.2% +1.0% +1,5% 0%
Candidates 572 572 572 1666 3,554
General elections 2005
euronews election blog
Nial O'Reilly - Seamus Kearney - Jeremy Wilks - Alsdair Sandford

euronews' English service journalists blog on the twists and turns of a fascinating campaign.
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How to vote

General Elections facts
When Parliament is dissolved every seat in the House of Commons becomes vacant and a general election is held...
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