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  • Greece cannot rely on the European Central Bank to raise a limit on Athens‘ issuance of short-term debt, ECB President Mario Draghi suggested
  • The European Central Bank said it will start its new government bond-buying programme on March 9 – Mario Draghi
  • The head pastor of a Canadian church who failed to return from a humanitarian mission to North Korea is now being held by authorities in the secretive state, a church spokeswoman said – Reuters
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Standard & Poor’s

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03/02 17:07 CET

Why Standard & Poor’s would rate investments ‘structured by cows’

Why Standard & Poor’s would rate investments ‘structured by cows’

Ratings agency Standard & Poor's is to pay out $1.5 billion (1.3 billion euros) to resolve a series of government lawsuits over the sub-prime scandal. S&P was alleged to have rated mortgage securities too highly in the run up to the 2008 financial crisis. The US Department of…