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Roma, the largest minority in Europe. Are these people with their rich history to be condemned as the second class citizens of Europe?
This month Euronews travels with the Roma people to gain an exclusive insight to their lives.

Interviews and analysis on Euronews.


  • Roma in France: not in my backyard

    In France, the Roma controversy is far from over. After a summer of expulsions and crackdowns on illegal camps, the European Commission has pressed France… 30/09 21:35 CET

  • Hungarian Roma: at the crossroads

    Hungary’s Roma people have their own particular problems compared with others of that community elsewhere in central and eastern Europe. A big factor is the… 24/09 17:40 CET

  • Andalousia, the promised land for the Roma?

    Sandra Heredia is a labour consultant at the Roma organisation Hamuradi-Falaki in Seveille:  “I’m proud of being Roma. I don’t say “Hello, my name is Sandra… 16/09 16:44 CET

  • The long journey of the Roma people

    In the wake of hundreds of Roma expulsions from France, euronews has special coverage of the Roma community in Europe, which totals some 12 million people… 11/09 10:38 CET


  • Tony Gatlif: Chain reaction fear over Roma expulsions

    Tony Gatlif is a man with a mission. For 35 years, Gatlif who is half Kabil (Algerian), half Gypsy, has produced and directed films about the Roma people in… 14/10 17:37 CET

  • The dreams of a flamenco artist

    David Peña Dorantes was born into a family of Andalusian gypsy artists. They are a people closely linked to the world of flamenco. In the Peña Dorantes… 29/09 18:31 CET

  • Roma rap: Meet Connect-R

    Connect-R is the latest sensation to come out of the Romanian Hip-Hop scene. His latest single “Still” is a smash hit, number one in the Romanian charts… 24/09 19:25 CET

  • Jerzy Buzek, on EU law where Roma are affected

    At the European Roma Rights Centre in Budapest, Hungary, against the backdrop of France’s expulsions of Roma, euronews asked the President of the European… 23/09 18:41 CET

  • Juan de Dios Ramirez Heredia, Spanish Roma MEP

    Juan de Dios Ramírez Heredia has seen much change in Spain, and along with the Spanish the Roma people have changed, too. Himself an atypical Roma, he has… 20/09 20:33 CET