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  • Ukrainian military spokesman says three Ukrainian servicemen killed, seven wounded in the past 24 hours in east Ukraine – Reuters
  • German Parliament approves 4-month extension to Greece’s financial bailout – AP
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Pound sterling

World news about “Pound sterling” published by euronews.

19/03 11:14 CET

Britain’s new £1 coin is ‘most secure in the world’

Britain’s new £1 coin is ‘most secure in the world’

This is the new £1 coin set to be introduced in the UK and billed as the 'most secure in the world'. It has been brought in amid concerns the current coin is vulnerable to counterfeiting, with around 45-million forgeries believed to be in circulation. The £1 (€1.20), which…

  • Facing up to paying
    11/08 08:45 CET

    Facing up to paying

    Paying for goods and services just using a smartphone app is becoming a reality. Paypal is trialling a new facial recognition system in the …

  • Euro’s problems boost sterling
    13/12 14:46 CET

    Euro’s problems boost sterling

    The euro fell to a fresh nine-month low against the British pound on Tuesday. The single European currency is being sold off by investors…

  • UK inflation leaps to 3.7 percent
    18/01 15:51 CET

    UK inflation leaps to 3.7 percent

    A surge in oil prices drove British consumer price inflation up far more than expected in December to an eight month high of 3.7…

  • Dublin doubts euro-shoppers’ patriotism
    22/01 18:04 CET

    Dublin doubts euro-shoppers’ patriotism

    Irish shoppers are crossing a border to save money in Northern Ireland. Their euro is strong where the UK pound is weak. On both sides people…

  • Pound under pressure; record low against euro
    16/12 07:55 CET

    Pound under pressure; record low against euro

    The pound fell to a record low against the euro and, at some exchange outlets, travellers heading to Europe from the UK were getting less than…