Passenger's Rights

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Reporter's afterthought

As well as body scanners, Americans hit with “enhanced” pat downs Full-body scanners have also been causing a storm in the USA, where hundreds of


Bus and coach passenger rights

More than 70 million Europeans travel by coach each year. What legal guarantees of service, similar to those of plane, train and boat passengers, are


Planes to Spain fly again

Spain’s air space is slowly reopening as air traffic controllers return to work after Madrid declared a state of “alert” over their wildcat


Mexicana set to stop flying

Mexicana, one of Mexico’s two major airlines is set to cease operations. The country’s transport minister has confirmed most of its planes will stop


Air and train passenger rights

With the summer tourism season underway, Brussels has started a campaign using posters in multiple languages, pamphlets and a new Internet site to


EU travellers' rights boost

A Europe-wide publicity campaign being launched in 23 languages aims to provide passengers easier access to information about their rights when they


Eurostar trains back running

There is light at the end of the Channel Tunnel. Several long, cold days of travel hassle for Eurostar passengers have come to an end. High-speed