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World news about “Kourou” published by euronews.

SPACE | 10/12 18:33 CET

Europe’s Spaceport: the future

Europe’s Spaceport: the future

Over the last 30 years, 192 Ariane rockets, including 48 Ariane 5s, have been launched from The Guyanese Space Centre of Kourou, also known as the Europe Space Port. The story does not stop here. New classes of rockets will be launched soon, among other projects. These are the…

  • Galileo has to wait for blast off into space
    20/10 12:13 CET

    Galileo has to wait for blast off into space

    In French Guiana the Russian Soyuz rocket with its payload Galileo satellites is static. Its scheduled launch on Thursday morning was delayed…

  • Ariane 5 takes off
    07/08 10:15 CET

    Ariane 5 takes off

    After more than a month of delays caused by technical problems and bad weather, Ariane 5 has finally launched into space from French…

  • The Ariane Saga
    13/11 08:23 CET

    The Ariane Saga

    Ariane launches might seem routine – but it’s a routine that’s been going on for 30 years. But each launch is a technological and…

  • Ariane 5 comes up trumps again
    21/12 08:55 CET

    Ariane 5 comes up trumps again

    For the sixth time this year Europe’s flagship spacelauncher, Ariane Five, has successfully put a double payload into orbit. Ariane was…