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  • Finland: Timo Soini,  leader of the eurosceptic Finns party picked by incoming PM Sipila as new foreign and Europe minister (Reuters)
  • EU asks member states to admit 40,000 asylum seekers (AFP)
  • Madagascar president criticises the handling of impeachment vote against him, says in a radio speech nation needs stability (Reuters)
  • The European Commission sets out plans to relocate 40,000 migrants, currently in Greece and Italy, to other EU states (EC)
  • Swiss Federal office of Justice says it has ordered blocking of accounts related to FIFA probe at several banks in Switzerland (Reuters)
  • One Ukrainian serviceman killed, eight wounded in past 24 hours in eastern Ukraine (Kyiv military via Reuters)
  • Madagascar’s Parliament votes to impeach president (Reuters)
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International trade agreements

World news about “International trade agreements” published by euronews.

29/04 04:26 CET

Empty-handed, but smiling: US and Japan fail to agree on trade pact

Empty-handed, but smiling: US and Japan fail to agree on trade pact

US President Barack Obama and have Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emerged smiling, but empty handed, from talks in Washington. The two nations have failed to agree on a trade pact, but Obama says both are committed to a quick resolution. Centred around cars and…