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  • Britain describes Argentina’s Falklands Island banknote as a “stunt”
  • Britain’s UKIP Party promises to return immigration to normal levels but has no plans to cap numbers
  • US Justice Department says Ferguson police officers routinely engaged in racially-biased acts (Reuters)
  • Australian drug smugglers moved to island in preparation for execution by firing squad in Indonesia
  • Russia says several suspects have been identified in the investigation into the murder of Boris Nemtsov
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World news about “Insects” published by euronews.

31/01 16:13 CET

Locust invasion in Madagascar – nocomment

Locust invasion in Madagascar – nocomment

Over 40% of Madagascar's crops could be directly threatened by the spread of locusts, despite various eradication programmes. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), more than $10 million would be needed to end this scourge.