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  • German foreign minister says the country will send weapons to Iraq to help Kurds defend themselves
  • New York Times reporter is given 24 hours to leave Afghanistan for not cooperating with an investigation
  • Polish deputy PM says there are signs Russia is extending its embargo on food imports to goods in transit through the country

Hail storm

World news about “Hail storm” published by euronews.

15/07 09:45 CET

Massive hailstorm hits Siberian beach – nocomment

Massive hailstorm hits Siberian beach – nocomment

A video posted online has shown beach-goers in Novosibirsk, Siberia, huddling desperately under umbrellas, as cherry-sized hailstones pelt them mercilessly. Weather has been unusually extreme across much of Russia this summer, with snow hitting parts of central Russia that…