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Hot chocolate models

Models take to the catwalk in Paris dressed head-to-toe in chocolate creations as part of an annual event to celebrate all things chocolate.


The chef's recipe

How to turn blood sausage and Jerusalem artichokes into Nordic haute cuisine in just 10 minutes and 22 seconds…

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Robot replace noodle chef

He looks good and he turns out tasty food. A handsome robot chef makes sliced noodles in a college cafeteria in northeast China’s Harbin City.

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Germany's Stollen Festival

German city of Dresden holds the Stollen Festival every Saturday prior to the 2nd Advent. The highlights of the festival are the baking of a Giant


South Korea's food goes global

The South Koreans are keen for the world to develop a taste for their country, and they’re using food to do it. Now there are culinary tours for

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Waiters race in Brussels

120 professionals and amateurs took part in the annual waiters race in Brussels. Participants had to run 2.5 kilometres carrying a tray with three


Could Haggis be.....English?

It is as Scottish as bagpipes and whisky. Or is it? In a nightmarish claim for those north of the border, Haggis is being hailed as…an English