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  • USA: 5,000 people evacuated from Maryville, Tennessee, after a train hauling liquid petroleum gas derailed and caught fire
  • Russia says that the new U.S. military strategy was confrontational and would not help improve relations with Moscow (spokesman)
  • Japan launches World Trade Organization trade dispute to challenge Brazilian taxes and charges that Japan says illegally discriminate against imported goods
  • Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades says the peace talks to end the island’s division are starting to show some progress (Reuters)
  • Philippines: at least 33 people dead after a ferry sinks with 173 passengers and crew on board. At least 118 survived (coastguard)
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30/06 04:33 CET

France’s Ex-interior minister Charles Pasqua dies 88

France’s Ex-interior minister Charles Pasqua dies 88

Former French interior minister, Charles Pasqua has died at the age of 88. A hardline politician, Pasqua was a close ally of former president Jacques Chirac and a veteran of the Gaullist movement. He spent more than half a century at the heart of French politics and earned…