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  • UNHCR says it is making contingency plans for all 400,000 inhabitants of Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani to flee in Turkey (Reuters)
  • Syria says it is ready to cooperate with any international effort to fight terrorism (statement via Reuters)
  • Syria says it will not stop fighting Islamic State in eastern Syria and other areas. (Reuters)
  • Palestinian delegation decides to proceed with Gaza ceasefire talks in Cairo despite Israel’s killing of two Hamas members – senior Hamas member quoted by Reuters
  • Syria was told “hours before” air strikes that the United States and some of its allies would target Islamic State (Reuters)
  • NATO says it was not involved in US-led strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria (Reuters)
  • Russian Foreign ministry, on US-led strikes on Syria, says attempts to carry out geopolitical tasks at expenses of others’ sovereignty “destabilises the situation” (RIA news agency via Reuters)


World news about “Deficit” published by euronews.

28/07 14:39 CET

Argentina set for default for the second time in 12 years

Argentina set for default for the second time in 12 years

Argentina, Latin America's third biggest economy is set to default on its debt for the second time in 12 years. Negotiations with the so called "holdouts" - investors who have refused to take financial haircuts have reached an impasse with no sign of either side giving way…