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  • Ukraine: Up to five ‘insurgents’ killed at Sloviansk, ministry of interior tells AFP
  • Libya is facing a ‘severe challenge’ from increased extremist violence, says U.S. deputy secretary of state William Burns
  • Spain’s unemployment rate falls to 25.73%, reports AFP
  • Ukraine says no need for currency intervention and that it expects no problems with 2014 debt payments (Reuters)
  • Ukrainian troops take control of a checkpoint north of Slaviansk after pro-Russian separatists appeared to abandon the post (Reuters)

Contamination of water

World news about “Contamination of water” published by euronews.

13/04 09:21 CET

China toxic tap water found in Lanzhou

China toxic tap water found in Lanzhou

Toxic water with levels of benzene, a cancer-inducing chemical, 20 times the safe level has been recorded in China. Residents of Lanzhou rushed to buy bottled water after taps were turned off. A leak from the nearby oil company is believed to be behind the contamination…

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