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  • Germanwings co-pilot practised entering fatal crash settings on previous flight (France’s BEA via Reuters)
  • Germanwings co-pilot practised entering fatal crash settings, he ignored over a dozen civil and military radio calls – France’s BEA
  • European Commission will conduct a review this year of the role of Google, Facebook and Amazon to decide whether it should regulate them more tightly
  • Despite a ceasefire deal, five Ukrainian servicemen were killed and twelve wounded in separatist eastern territories over the past 24 hours – Reuters
  • Five Ukrainian serviceman killed, twelve wounded in past 24 hours in east Ukraine, according to the military. (Reuters)
  • Iran’s Supreme Leader said Iran would not accept nuclear talks under threat, as Iran and world powers try to meet a June 30 deadline for a final deal -Rts
  • Britain’s ruling Conservatives were one percentage point ahead of the opposition Labour Party one day before a general election – Reuters
  • UK’s Conservatives 1 point ahead of Labour in TNS poll ahead of Thursday election (Reuters)
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World news about “Chongqing” published by euronews.

06/11 16:30 CET

Terrifying accident on China highway – nocomment

Terrifying accident on China highway – nocomment

This is the terrifying moment an elderly woman was hit by a coach in China as she walked across a busy road during rush-hour. The footage, from the south-west city of Chongqing, shows a coach swerving to avoid the pedestrian and colliding with a lorry travelling in the opposite…

  • Harper’s panda diplomacy
    11/02 12:03 CET

    Harper’s panda diplomacy

    Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper looks at a panda being held by his wife Laureen at a zoo in Chongqing February 11, 2012. He announced…

  • Celebrating the Communist Party of China
    28/06 15:19 CET

    Celebrating the Communist Party of China

    A performer dressed in Red Army uniform salutes at a revolutionary song singing event to celebrate the upcoming 90th anniversary of the…