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  • Migrants taken off Hungarian train at Bicske bang on windows shouting “no camp, no camp”
  • Germany is expecting 800,000 asylum seekers this year, four times higher than in 2014, says Labour and Social Affairs minister
  • Polish PM Ewa Kopacz says the European Union must help people who flee wars, and Poland is ready to discuss its role, but it does not want to accept automatic quotas
  • Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei says preserving sanctions against Iran would cause collapse of nuclear deal, says sanctions should be lifted, not suspended
  • Poland’s PM Kopacz says Poland opposes automatic quotas on accepting migrants, but ready to discuss acceptance on voluntary basis
  • EU Council president Tusk says at least 100,000 refugees should be fairly distributed around the European Union.
  • Hungarian PM Viktor Orban says the refugee problem is German, not European: “European leaders are not able to control the situation.”
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Belgian politics

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30/07 16:51 CET

Belgian dairy farmers block roads in more price protests

Belgian dairy farmers block roads in more price protests

Belgian milk and producers have again protested against low prices by blocking roads. They say an EU decision to free up production and ending quotas has resulted in a surplus, sending prices plumetting. At Limbourg near Liege the farmers lit fires outside a milk cream…