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  • Public deficit in the Eurozone reduced to 3% of GDP in 2013 (Official)


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  1. 30.07.13 by kevfly21

    In your English language report on the Swiss train crash the female journalist speaks about Lucerne. The trains were in fact travelling from and to Lausanne. Quite a different city!

  2. 29.07.13 by arafin

    Why don you have any news about another meeting of “veterans of nazzi SS” in Estonia? Why is international society does or says NOTHING about such horrible event? Why European Leaders says nothing as Estonia IS a member of EU and official Estonian government support such terrible meeting. I though Nuremberg process had set the POINTS OVER THE Nazzi SS and AT LEAST european members should PREVENT to organise such events instead of SUPPORT of CELEBRATION.

  3. 24.07.13 by pkouis

    In the last few days you have devoted a large amount of time on your channel showing the birth of a new baby. When was it born…its weight… the happy parents…etc.!
    Your detailed coverage of this event appeared first in your broadcasts!
    Actually I am a little bit confused. Who was born? A new Messiah? Somebody that will change the world? What’s the fuss all about?
    Was that the most important event of the last few days that deserved from your channel such wide coverage???
    I would really appreciate your feedback, on how you prioritize the events to be shown on your channel.
    The last few days, I got the impression that euronews was a department of the British Royal family.


    Dear viewer,
    Some of our viewers (and some of our journalists!) would share your viewpoint, others would not. Royal babies, and indeed royal affairs generally, divide opinion deeply between those who can’t get enough coverage of these events and those who don’t see what all the fuss is about. Research shows that on balance the royal enthusiasts have the upper hand and so euronews and all major news organisations give these events extensive exposure. Whatever you may think, the royal birth was a massive event on the world stage and we covered it accordingly. But we do take your comments on board and will reflect on your feedback. If it’s any consolation to you and like-minded viewers, there isn’t likely to be another major royal birth for some time. Head of English Service

  4. 14.07.13 by ahmet.krom

    why arent you reporting in the resistance in Armutlu Hatay where for over many days there has been civil unrest and many civşlian casualties due to police action

  5. 04.07.13 by granny02

    I don’t understand why so many countries are joining the 2 countries who spark, and fan the protests that lead to revolutions, especially using facebook and such. The idea is to stir up the people, devide them, oust the leader, weaken the country so the 2 countries can have complete control.One for the land and the other the oil beneath the land.When will the majority stand up and say, enough is enough?

  6. 01.07.13 by noemailtothisaddress

    Why is the death of a man in Port Said by a homemade handgrenade not included in the reports about the ‘pre-protest’ on friday in Egypt? Reports, including euronews, only talk about three killed in Alexandria.

    Apart from this criticism: keep up the good work! euronews is a great place to find out what the major issues are.

  7. 22.06.13 by klaussch

    Please note Canada does not have states, we have provinces or territories!!! Therefore the floods are in the province of Alberta!

  8. 20.06.13 by nebehslav

    Dear euronews journalists, editors, directors, etc.

    During the last week a kind of revolution is going on in Bulgaria and I haven’t heard anything from you about this. Please, say something. For some of the protestant your words are important and valuable.

    10x for your good work,


    Dear viewer,
    We have covered the protests against the government in Bulgaria on several occasions over the past few weeks and will continue to do so as the situation develops.
    Head of English Service

  9. 18.06.13 by granny02

    Now it’s the Brazilians turn to do their protesting, so how many already on the done so list, and how many more to go? There is no way people can’t see this is all too much of a coincidence. ....and guess where it all began, and the elite who want “ World Power”.

  10. 14.06.13 by chahine.jurik

    Dear euronews, Since you are a European news channel, I would request seeing more news, or reports, about the smaller European countries, such as Slovakia or Czech republic, because after all euronews was lunched as a European news channel, so it would be nice to see beyond the traditional coverage of just Germany, France, Spain and Italy. And thank you

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