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Welcome to Feedback. This is the place where you set the agenda. We want to hear about the issues and stories which have upset, entertained, provoked or intrigued you. Whatever you want to make a point about, this is the message forum for you.

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  1. 22.02.14 by petru_yanish


    Good Morning euronews….................,
    The Ukrainian crisis has overspilled.It has taken centre-stage in most western medias,but it goes without saying,that the Ukrainians have decided to re-assert themselves as a free-willing people,free
    to decide their political and economical fate,without permiting anyone to impose on them any agenda.
    Yanukovich,is determined to grant concessions to the opposition and call for early fresh elections,as this is the only logical solution available.The Ukrainians want to clarify to everyone that they are no
    longer a Soviet republic,and that they dissociate themselves from any links that favour a pro-Moscow
    nostalgia.They want to maintain a normal relationship with Moscow-not a one that is submissive to
    If the eastern parts of the Ukraine are pro-Russian historically,then the western parts are not .The long-time submissive relation that used to tie the Ukraine to the Russians under the umbrella of
    the former Soviet Union is over,and for good.A big percentage of the Ukrainian population are not
    nostalgic to Soviet-like relations with the Russians.
    Let the Ukrainians decide their destiny.Let no power impose on them what they do not like.
    Thank you very much euronews.

  2. 19.02.14 by tamarap444

    I can’t believe how shitty your channel has become… It’s full of lies and shows only one side of the story on Ukrain. This poor italian journalist standing there reporting on the police “killing” the civilians when those “civilians” have killed several policemen, the innocent people blocked in one of the government offices… Those are NOT THE CIVILIANS, those are the TERRORISTS lead by their so called leaders who try to get the power by any means. Those “civilians” have guns, throw the fire bottles at the police and DO NOT WANT TO COMPROMISE! Europe, do you still want the Ukraine and the terrorists to join you? GO ahead, good luck! Your sweet home countries will be full of ukranian prostitutes, if not already, the poor young guys trained in the terror camps will come to YOUR homes, and normal ukranians will take YOUR jobs for less salaries. Cos the country is bankrupt since…but people still want to eat, you know…. Get ready, Ukraine is coming LOL! Keep watching the shitty euronews and keep believing whatever they show, cos the guys do an excellent job brainwashing you LOL

  3. 13.02.14 by granny02

    Headlines read, Another Deadly Storm in the United States….......
    doesn’t say what I believe, perhaps a big help to Mother Nature by the Weather Scientists working overtime with their Chem-trails, HAARP and such., especially since 2002.

  4. 05.02.14 by report.vladimir

    Dear euronews,

    I just watched your “Ukraine radicals: ‘police don’t want to die for Yanukovych’” reporting. To my disappointment I found grave twist of the facts and imposed perception of Maidan being a radical movement. I just have to state so! It is third month as I am participating in the protests and DAILY talk to the people I have to disagree with the reporter. I was offended to find out that once trusted by me news source would portrait events subjectively. Maidan has SOME radicals and their perception can not be treated as truth for all people on Maidan. It just a small fraction of the movement. the numbers mentioned in the support for the president Yanukovych stated 45% – it is the highest number by all the estimated I have heard recently. Did you use credible enough source of this information? Why you reporter never shows interview of the participant of Anti-maidan, but airs the organizer of the event? The shooting of this reporting has broadcasted the opinion of the radical protester, and then the organizer of the anti-maidan that is keen to portrait himself a nice guy. Why they fail to report that it is IMPOSSIBLE to join Anti-maidan for Ukrainians, unless you were brought to the place by organizers. People at Anti maidan get paid 200 UAH a day, and why this information is missing in the reporting? Police is locking anti-maidan in the park, and there is no way to get in or out unless there is a directive of the guy the reporter has aired? I would probably believed what you have broadcasted if I wasn’t present there and saw it all on my own eyes daily. I am deeply disappointed in the reporting that shapes perception of millions of people, and I am not sure if I can trust reporting by euronews anymore… I feel offended by such grave misreporting…

  5. 03.02.14 by granny02

    The continuous protests the world over is too much a coinsidence, more like deliberate. Find out what will stir up the people to protest and riot, divide them, oust their leader of the country, weaken the country for an easier gain of control,..... Especially by whatever nation have the weapons to threaten, and are number one in power at the moment
    That is one of the reasons for the protests in France. Another is to take the attention off what the power nation is intending, and planning to do, use a false flag to create another war.

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