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  1. 22.06.13 by klaussch

    Please note Canada does not have states, we have provinces or territories!!! Therefore the floods are in the province of Alberta!

  2. 20.06.13 by nebehslav

    Dear euronews journalists, editors, directors, etc.

    During the last week a kind of revolution is going on in Bulgaria and I haven’t heard anything from you about this. Please, say something. For some of the protestant your words are important and valuable.

    10x for your good work,


    Dear viewer,
    We have covered the protests against the government in Bulgaria on several occasions over the past few weeks and will continue to do so as the situation develops.
    Head of English Service

  3. 18.06.13 by granny02

    Now it’s the Brazilians turn to do their protesting, so how many already on the done so list, and how many more to go? There is no way people can’t see this is all too much of a coincidence. ....and guess where it all began, and the elite who want “ World Power”.

  4. 14.06.13 by chahine.jurik

    Dear euronews, Since you are a European news channel, I would request seeing more news, or reports, about the smaller European countries, such as Slovakia or Czech republic, because after all euronews was lunched as a European news channel, so it would be nice to see beyond the traditional coverage of just Germany, France, Spain and Italy. And thank you

  5. 14.06.13 by granny02

    Concerning Syria and the supposed Chemicals, is just another False Flag like the one used in Iraq’s WMD. Lies , Lies, and more Lies when all else fails. Israel created the conflict, the US has to do what Israel demands. Another nation destroyed, more people die, especially children, all because of revenge and greed for land control.

  6. 12.06.13 by granny02

    It’s not only images that tell the story of what, and who may have created what is see, and why. Dig deep into research and find who is somewhere behind the back to back protests, at what selected time. It’s more than just a coinsidence that these protests jump from one country to another, especially against Muslins. All hell started when the previous president took command.

  7. 04.06.13 by edwina.ferguson

    Why does euronews use American English instead of English English as used by native speakers? Maybe it would help if the contributors used a UK English spell checker rather than the US version. For example, it is behaviour and not behavior. Also the headline “Tsonga beats Federer in quarters” sounds as if it happened in some living accommodation and not the quarter finals.


    Dear viewer,
    You say tomato, I say tomato…. as most of our journalists are British we do actually mainly use British English, which is also coherent with the channel’s European identity. However, we are primarily an anglophone service serving the international community of English speakers and in that context regard American English as equally valid. So you may sometimes see American spellings, particularly in sport where we take direct feeds from Reuters for some items. Thanks for your comment.
    Head of English Service

  8. 01.06.13 by ioana.m.sandu

    Dear euronews Team,

    In regards to the “Turkish anti-government protests escalate” piece of news aired today, I would kindly ask you to check whether the Gezi Park is located in Ankara (as mentioned in the article: “one of Ankara’s green spaces”), or in Istanbul, as far as I know, near Taksim square.

    Thanks and regards,
    Ioana Sandu

  9. 28.05.13 by granny02

    Interesting that every year a different country is hit with the swine flu, especially one that another country wants control of??
    Many also know most virusus and flu are man made, and man spread.

  10. 13.05.13 by ppasah

    euronews hasn’t Iceland’s weather on TV, only on the website.

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