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  • Spain: ten people killed and 13 people injured after a Greek fighter plane crashed during NATO training in Albacete
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Welcome to Feedback. This is the place where you set the agenda. We want to hear about the issues and stories which have upset, entertained, provoked or intrigued you. Whatever you want to make a point about, this is the message forum for you.

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  1. 07.04.14 by yurikade

    Yes … ... euronews, which I respected, has turned into something nasty and deceitful. And when it is not possible to lie, or not beneficial, then just don’t say this news!
    You are completely silent about the genocide of the Armenians in Syria, probably because it does not Assad, but the “warriors of democracy” with the support of Turkish! But highest cynicism it is news about Ukraine!
    European news channel admires of Kiev Maidan, which made up on half of people who promote Nazism, and in the second half of the people who received salary for protest (I think the Nazis get even more). Of course, there was a really ideological people, but a little.
    You show one-sided news. Generally – no one word about what the “ warriors of democracy” are doing in Kiev and Odessa after the “triumph of democracy”, or that thousands of people rose up against the authorities in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, and require the holding of a referendum on the status of their territories, because they do not want to live with a Government whose ideal Nazi Bender!
    No word on what the Government in Kiev illegally! They totally violated the Constitution and art. 17, 37, 111, 154! They staged the death of people on Maidan, they illegally changed the Constitution (not the constitutional majority), 23 February they de-jure and de-facto abolished the Constitution of Ukraine, and in fact a coup! And at the head of this new Government, “the outspoken nationalist fascists! God, to whom Europe is negotiating? With the right sector?! With those who call for killing people based on nationality?
    And then you talk about human rights?
    Now, the Nazis prepared to shoot the people in the East, just by the fact that people in the East want to determine their own future through a referendum, whether they be a Republic as a part of Ukraine, whether they be an independent State, or to create a federative Ukraine!
    euronews it’s not news, it’s paid propaganda!
    You’re supporting Kiev’s Nazis, that the blood of people on your hands.
    And I’m afraid this is not the last blood that you provoked

    Sorry for my English

  2. 01.04.14 by milkanco

    I would like to question the wisdom of having Pussy Riot give us their hatred about Putin (main news bulletin 01Apr2014). Yes, what is news , and what is the responsibility of news editors?
    It would not be difficult to find someone who hates Hollande, Merkel, Cameron or Obama, then do give them a voice, too. What kind of world do we want? Do we want a cold war, hate Russia and Putin? Then go for it!
    I personally think that news editors have a huge responsibility, wish they would show it.
    I would see euronews as a good news station, but now I am having doubts.
    Thank you.

  3. 31.03.14 by vovan7

    I’m wondering why important news are missing on euronews?The news which can’t be misinterpreted– Armenians are been executed in Syria because of their religion. Is Crimean crisis more important? Even when all is talked about is what’s happening not why and who is benefiting from it.

    And about global warming… Thanks for telling us that it will be only worse. Now it’s time to say whose fault is this. And let’s not be shy– let’s call it a crime against the Humanity and all the living, because this is exactly what it is. Ignoring consequences for your actions will cost millions of lives!

  4. 22.03.14 by

    Why does your program show impudent liars?!!! For example, you showed the rabbit Jacenuk, whose every word is big lies and distortion of reality. Who generally can believe him if he has come in power through slaughter?!! SHOW THE TRUTH!! For example , referendum in Crimea where nearly 97% of people voted for affiliation with Russia. and they did so by themselves without pressing but it was there own will, will said without blood. Show chanting of Ukrainians from south-east of Ukraine for Russia to help them and that they don’t want such power from Kiev that was illigal. STOP MESSING WITH PEOPLE’S HEAD!! In Russia the news are showing the truth but Europeans don’t know the truth but lap your untruthful news up.

  5. 20.03.14 by bania83

    I find it unprofessional that euronews depicts only one side of the Ukrainian situation. It uses strictly subjective words like “Russia annexed Crimea”, “Russia the aggressor” etc etc. This is the subjective opinion of the reporters or the people who run it. But not of the whole world. And by using these words you try to deceipt people who have no idea what is going on and thus turning them in advance against Russia and Russian people, which is not OK, considering the following..

    Why hasn’t euronews depicted all the facts, like:
    – the fact that the US government arranged and financed the activities on Maidan in Kiev, which led to innocent deaths on Maidan.

    How is that according to international Law?
    – The fact that the sniper’s shootings were not investigated into. And only after the phone conversation leak the US and EU leaders pretended they started the investigation.
    – The fact that the new Kiev government is of fascist orientation. The world should know who is who. All this mess started after the new government started threatening the Russian speaking population of Ukraine that they (the reprsentatives of the new government) would start hanging all the Russians.

    Then they wanted to ban Russian. Considering many people are Russian in Ukraine or speak Russian from birth, this is stupid.

    Then they decided to change the name of Kiev from Kiev – City the Heroe into just Kiev, showing they don’t care about the history of Ukraine, that they don’t care about all those people who gave their lives during the 2 world war. This is unspeakable!

    Is that normal for a country in the heart of Europe?

    How can Europe support this?

    And none of this has been mentioned by euronews! – Also euronews should have mentioned that there had been a precedent in the history when the whole world recognized Kosovo, without the country’s it belonged to permission. If the whole world agreed to that then, then it should have agreed in Crimea’s case too.
    – Also the reporters from Brussels EU summit seemed very subjective in their expressions. I find that hughly unprofessional.

  6. 19.03.14 by wavettore

    The mysteries seem to be quite even The same also happened on 9/eleven planes by remote control crashed from heaven but Ptech missed one of the 3 with building Seven

  7. 17.03.14 by joefishalloc

    The first mistake EU and US, it is a recognition of Kosovo’s independence. Implications: the World has understood, that any country can be separated by local referendum. The second mistake of the EU and US, it is recognition of the new government of Ukraine. Implications: the World realized that it is possible to overthrow the legitimate government through a military coup.
    What will be the third mistake EU and US, and what it will lead? I think the third mistake is obvious. It is the recognition of the ultra-right-wing Nazi Ukraine and providing them with full power by the EU and US . Implications: Third world war. This is the opinion of many of my friends and acquaintances in France and Germany.

  8. 11.03.14 by joefishalloc

    The Army, headed Bandera, killed several thousand Poles and several thousand Jews in the Second World War.
    How can Europe to support Bandera’s extremists in Ukraine now?
    I don’t support Putin’s actions, but I don’t want to support the ultra-right-wing extremists who come to government in Ukraine now. This is very dangerous for all Europe. And it is very stupid.
    Now I am ashamed that I am a European.

  9. 27.02.14 by joefishalloc

    1) After the recent events in Ukraine, the world saw the inconsistency of the European diplomacy.
    Europe has not fulfilled its obligations to guarantee.
    Europe supported the party which fails to meet its obligations as well.
    Europe has allowed to come to power extreme radicals, which can threaten the peaceful existence of the whole of Europe.
    Europe actually facilitated the division of the country, with forty million inhabitants in the two warring parties.
    This is the complete failure of European diplomacy.
    That will make the European Union for its rehabilitation?

    2) Ukraine is split in two parts.
    It is not clear, is it possible to call extremists about 20 million people who now oppose the new government in Ukraine.
    Those who previously were extremists – now in power, and who was previously in power – now the opposition.
    But earlier opposition to the EU called opposition, and now the EU calls the new opposition to extremists.
    It turns out that for EU – extremists there are any who goes against the EU?
    Who can be called opposition, and can be called extremist?

  10. 23.02.14 by petru_yanish


    Good Evening euronews….....................,
    At last the National Constituent Assembly in Tunis adopted a new republican constitution,since the
    first constitution of the 1st of June 1959.After too much a delay,and too many deliberations,the
    members of the National Constituent Assembly passed and approved the 2014 constitution when 200 members voted for it, against 12 who were against passing it, and 4 abstaining on the 26th of
    last January.It was a victory that had to be realised.
    Yet the current interim prime minister Mehdi Jouma and his government are to face challenges that
    his predecessors,Ali Laareyed (14th March 2013 -29th January 2014 ),and Hamadi Jabali (24th
    December 2011-14th March 2013) failed to tackle.Both Laareyed and Jabali are from the abhorred
    Ennahda Movement.This current interim government is composed of technocrats and independents,
    but no sane Tunisian buys that.
    The question of 500,000 unemployed youths is one of the toughest problems the current government
    of Mehdi Jouma has to solve.A good part of them are graduates with diplomas,and who have been
    unemployed for many years.Some have bachelor degrees,others have masters degrees and even
    graduates with Doctorate degrees are amongst them.Many more are drop-outs,but youth unemployment is one.Instead of giggling smiles and paying state visits to Algeria and Morocco,
    Mehdi Jouma must be visiting the 24 Governorates of the Tunisian Republic,and sitting with the
    Governors (Walis) and other experts to solve such a social disease.
    The Union Générale des Travailleurs Tunisiens (Tunisia’s largest labour union) and which is headed by Secretary-General Hussein Abbasi has to work with the current government in solving the problem of youth unemployment.The sight of youth resorting to smoking cannabis,mariguana,bad language and criminality in many Tunisian cities and towns is an abhorrence.
    It is the sole responsiblity of the Tunisian State to solve youth unemployment.
    Tunisia has to strenghten its weak economy and to diversify it.The current constitution of 146 articles favours decentralisation and let it be an asset to the economy.
    The spectre of Terrorism in Tunisia has taken new dimensions,but the National Defence Ministry,as
    well as the ‘Garde National’ are containing it.We are following the events of combatting terrorism
    on Tunisian media,and hope that they eredicate it.
    The Tunisian government is in the process of conducting a new and accurate population census for statistical and other reasons.
    If there is a proper state in North Africa,then it is Tunisia.It is the only functioning state in North Africa,and indications explain the reasons.Despite the recent events it is a moral obligation for the
    West to assist Tunisia.
    Thank you very much euronews.

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