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Welcome to Feedback. This is the place where you set the agenda. We want to hear about the issues and stories which have upset, entertained, provoked or intrigued you. Whatever you want to make a point about, this is the message forum for you.

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  1. 06.05.14 by petru_yanish


    Good Afternoon euronews…............................,

    If there is a country more backwarded in North Africa these days,then it is Libya.Libya has become
    a failed state,and most Americans and Western Europeans who have a long-sightedness in Libyan
    affairs agree with this fact.
    As a person living in a cursed country like Libya,one thing for sure that has to be said,is that the
    17th of February 2011 revolution has deviated from its true course,which aimed at buidling a new
    democratic egalitarian state.Libya has bcome a failed state because of its stark injustices,and which are hidden from most Western medias.
    The presence of militias roaming here and there in Libya,and their control of politics is an insult to
    every patriotic Libyan.There is no such thing as a Libyan army in Libya,because the late tyrant
    disentegrated it following the Chad War.The so-called Libyan army then, was divided into phalanges
    each headed by a stooge of the late backwarded regime,and it was these phalanges which fought
    the revolutionaires in 2011.The reality is that when the head of the regime faced his fate on the 20th
    of October 2011,most of the true revolutionaires returned to their previous jobs,and in their place
    came militias composed of former prison inmates,like drug addicts and former criminals.
    We call on you euronews to have an investigative journalistic approach towards Libya,and not to
    report on the surface.
    There is no Western investigative journalism in Libya.One other eroding disease in Libya,and which
    has become a phenemonen is corruption,and amongst the most corruptive sectors is the Libyan
    banking sector.

    The closing of oil-ports by Cyrenaican militias is a menace.While the United States and Western
    Europe watched,and did not react,it is of the utmost importance to euronews,that Libyan salaries
    and wages depend on the export of oil. Libya,once again is a failed state.The menace of the criminal militias in Tripoli,and the weakness
    of the National General Congress in controlling them,along with theft,smuggling and other many
    evils dominating Libyan life,urges euronews to shed light more on Libyan issues.The presence
    of illegal immigration from sub-Saharan Africa is another big danger.
    In the absence of a proper state,the abduction of diplomats has become an insult.The abduction of
    two diplomats from the Tunisian Embassy,and their unknown fate,is an insult to the neighbourhood
    which bounds Libyans and Tunisians together,but now it is clear to everyone that Libyans do not respect even their neighbours.The Libyans have become an abhorred people.
    As always thank you very much euronews.

  2. 04.05.14 by joefishalloc

    Ultra-right nationalists (opposes Russia) kill people in Odessa. Who is to blame? It is Russia! The Ukrainian army storming of Ukrainian cities and killing civilians. Who is to blame? It is Russia! The new Ukrainian government has not fulfilled any of the signed Treaty. Who is to blame? It is Russia! What is it? It’s just stupidity ES and USA or the begin of the cold war? OK! In America was a tornado. In Greece and Spain were demonstrations against plans of their governments. So it is the blame of Russia! Therefore, it is urgent to enter against Russia’s new sanctions. Don’t you think that the world has gone mad or stupid people govern us?

  3. 03.05.14 by petru_yanish


    Good Afternoon euronews…....................,

    It came more like an expected shock that the frail and abhorrent president of Algeria,has been re-
    elected for a fourth time.We all knew beforehand that the 17th of April presidential elections will not
    come up with surprises,but we must remember that Algeria since its independence from France on the 3rd of July 1962,never experienced a truly democratic elected president.We stand with those handful group of Algerians,who were shown by euronews demonstrating against the re-election of Boutiflika in Algiers,and who were later handcuffed by the Algerian police and thrown into police vans
    an insult to anyone watching euronews.
    The “Front de Libération Nationale “ -the National Liberation Front,has become an abhorrent political
    party in Algeria.It has ruled Algeria since Algeria’s independence and has become one of the oldest dominating political parties in the developping World.It rules Algeria through the historical
    legitimacy that it was behind the 1st of November 1954 revolution that ended French colonial rule
    on the 3rd of July 1962.For this reason it legitimizes itself to rule Algeria.
    Many Algerians inside Algeria and abroad,want to see a day when the F.L.N ,is ousted from power
    once and for all,by a new oppositionist political party.Algeria will not advance forward under the rule
    of the F.L.N.Neither a coalition with another Algerian political party would be a solution.
    The U.S- based “ Democracy Index” lists Algeria as an authoritarian regime,and it is quite right.
    Neither the U.S nor the European Union released any press reactions to the Algerian presidential
    elections or the the fourth re-election of Boutiflika as president.
    The West knows quite well that there is no press freedom in Algeria,nor is there anything called
    freedom of speech.Nobody can criticize Boutiflika openly in Algeria or tell him to shift from power.
    There is no such thing as trade-unionism in political life in Algeria.Unlike Tunisia,where labour unions play a pivotal role in politics,and here we mean the “ Union général des travailleurs tunisiens”,the “ Union Générale des Travaillleurs Algériens “ is a marionette,a puppet,and plays no
    pivotal role in opposition to the successive Algerian autocratic governments and which ruled Algeria
    since independence.
    Yet nothing functions democratically in Algeria.Algeria is a police-state and continues to be so.
    No American in the United States nor any European in the European Union ever raised such an issue-due to oil and gas interests,and even other economical interests !
    As always thank you very much euronews .

  4. 03.05.14 by e_cnd1

    I have to mention that in your latest video news from Ukraine, called “Ukraine pro-Russian separatists seize hostages, accuse nationalists of cowardice” you should not translate the Russian TV channel RTR video materials and their point of view as these are pure Russian propaganda lies. After seeing these lies you may get an impression that the funding for such video materials comes directly from Russia.

    I was with euronews for many years, but from now on I have no more respect for the news service that translates Russian propaganda without any understanding of the real situation in Ukraine. Unprofessional and inexcusable. No more trust in your services.


    Dear viewer,
    euronews has many sources of information and images. We treat all of these with the same editorial standards and judgement and are extremely rigourous as to the context in which we use the information and present images to the viewer. As a news story the crisis in Ukraine is rife with challenges for the media and we tread very carefully. But we remain committed to reflecting all perspectives to ensure accurate and comprehensive coverage of events on the ground in Ukraine. We present the facts and also contributors’ opinion with the utmost integrity and leave it to the viewers to decide what is propaganda and what is not. Head of English Service

  5. 01.05.14 by acsambe

    Your weather map – the symbols are illegible! I am 55 years old but it wouldn’t matter if I were 25, I can’t see whether the weather will kill the wether. You cannot see if a grey cloud has raindrops falling from it or not. Some even hide part of the temperature. It’s a shame because in so many ways other ways your channel is first class. Please, let us see if you forecast rain!


    Dear viewer
    Sorry this has impinged on your enjoyment of our channel. We will raise the issue with the appropriate department and see if we can find a solution.
    Head of English Service

  6. 28.04.14 by yurikade

    April 27 in Lviv (Western Ukraine) was a march to commemorate the creation of the SS Division “Galicia”. Nazi march held on the Day of Holocaust Remembrance, held on April 27. No one news agency in the “free Europe” has not shown this Nazi march. On the same day, the new Ukrainian government ordered to cancel in 9h May the celebration of Victory Day over Nazism.
    May be euronews does not interesting this side of new Ukrainian government?

  7. 17.04.14 by plamen.85

    Dear euronews,

    there is a factual mistake in your recent video report “Ukraine’s army operation to retake eastern cities turns into farce”.

    Your reporter says that “some locals in the city appear to welcome the militia”. “The militia” refer to the government troops sent against the separatists in Eastern Ukraine. But the video shows locals welcoming the tanks taken by the pro-Russians and waving Russian flags. You can check this with your previous video reports.

    I hope it is a genuine mistake, otherwise it is a repulsive manipulation which only feeds the anti-Western attitudes in Russia and many parts of Ukraine.

    I urge you to correct the mistake as soon as possible!

    Kind regards,


    Dear viewer,
    That issue was indeed spotted and rectified in later editions by our editorial staff. It arose out of a misinterpretation of the images and the reported information from the incident. It was, as you say, ‘a genuine mistake’ and we offer our apologies. Head of English Service

  8. 11.04.14 by tretato

    subject “Putin plays gas card in Ukraine and threatens to cut off supplies”. can you explain the shown there relationship between Russia, Ukraine’s debt for russian gas and the EU with the US state department and USA which are placed on another continent?

  9. 07.04.14 by yurikade

    Yes … ... euronews, which I respected, has turned into something nasty and deceitful. And when it is not possible to lie, or not beneficial, then just don’t say this news!
    You are completely silent about the genocide of the Armenians in Syria, probably because it does not Assad, but the “warriors of democracy” with the support of Turkish! But highest cynicism it is news about Ukraine!
    European news channel admires of Kiev Maidan, which made up on half of people who promote Nazism, and in the second half of the people who received salary for protest (I think the Nazis get even more). Of course, there was a really ideological people, but a little.
    You show one-sided news. Generally – no one word about what the “ warriors of democracy” are doing in Kiev and Odessa after the “triumph of democracy”, or that thousands of people rose up against the authorities in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, and require the holding of a referendum on the status of their territories, because they do not want to live with a Government whose ideal Nazi Bender!
    No word on what the Government in Kiev illegally! They totally violated the Constitution and art. 17, 37, 111, 154! They staged the death of people on Maidan, they illegally changed the Constitution (not the constitutional majority), 23 February they de-jure and de-facto abolished the Constitution of Ukraine, and in fact a coup! And at the head of this new Government, “the outspoken nationalist fascists! God, to whom Europe is negotiating? With the right sector?! With those who call for killing people based on nationality?
    And then you talk about human rights?
    Now, the Nazis prepared to shoot the people in the East, just by the fact that people in the East want to determine their own future through a referendum, whether they be a Republic as a part of Ukraine, whether they be an independent State, or to create a federative Ukraine!
    euronews it’s not news, it’s paid propaganda!
    You’re supporting Kiev’s Nazis, that the blood of people on your hands.
    And I’m afraid this is not the last blood that you provoked

    Sorry for my English

  10. 01.04.14 by milkanco

    I would like to question the wisdom of having Pussy Riot give us their hatred about Putin (main news bulletin 01Apr2014). Yes, what is news , and what is the responsibility of news editors?
    It would not be difficult to find someone who hates Hollande, Merkel, Cameron or Obama, then do give them a voice, too. What kind of world do we want? Do we want a cold war, hate Russia and Putin? Then go for it!
    I personally think that news editors have a huge responsibility, wish they would show it.
    I would see euronews as a good news station, but now I am having doubts.
    Thank you.

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