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Welcome to Feedback. This is the place where you set the agenda. We want to hear about the issues and stories which have upset, entertained, provoked or intrigued you. Whatever you want to make a point about, this is the message forum for you.

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  1. 28.09.14 by debonopaul

    the most famous airshow is held in Malta. Today, fly theRed Arrows, Frece Tri colori and for the first time the Spanish air Acrobatic Team Patulla Aguila. But just because it is happening in Malta, you ignored it!!!!

  2. 15.09.14 by eligaph

    Dear euronews,

    I trust this finds you well.
    This is concerning your weather page on the euronews homepage.
    Kindly include look into this.
    I suggest that you update the maps on the weather page.
    I reside in Lebanon and every time I check to see the weather in Beirut, I click Europe and find the Eastern Mediterranean countries included on the map. But when I want to look for details, I have to go to Asia and I don’t see Lebanon on the Asian map. it is a bit annoying…
    If you could please either include Lebanon with all its details in Asia, or create a Middle Eastern map that includes the Eastern Mediterranean countries, because I know very well how much it could never be included in Europe. I know it is not your fault, it’s some ancient Greek guy who divided the continents…unfortunately…
    Thank You

  3. 12.09.14 by testnameC04

    Hello. In file is written that CEEDs project’s start date is 09/2010 and duration is 48 months. So September 2014 must be the end of the project. Can you report about the results of the CEEDs project? You have already reported: , but no results project has. So if I hear you aright, 6.5 mln euro is squandered. Please film second episode about CEEDs project.

  4. 20.07.14 by Hodzicalisa

    Sallam and hello from Bosnia,
    I would like someone to try and answer my question regarding Israel attacking Gaza. How do people in Gaza know who is really calling and sending sms to warn them before an attack on their families and houses??? Couldn’t anybody from Israel call and send an sms just by finding out some numbers from people in Gaza??? And how come there is no proof of such a thing on the news??? I think by now,at least someone would come forward to show a call or sms that they received before killing and hurting the people of gaza! And why doesn’t Israel show these tunnels that lead to them, and those missile attacks from Gaza? How come we only see attacks on Gaza.Thank you very much for bringing out the truth in the world. Respectfully ,Worried_from_Bosnia

  5. 18.07.14 by spark

    You told about Boeng and 298 died every hour, and no any word about every day died of civil citizens on Donbass. Today was killed 44 citizens of Lugans by Ukraine army rackets and canons.

  6. 13.06.14 by pooh_Joe73

    Plz plz , I’m asking you to put any iconic pictures for Egypt (i.e. pyramids , big mosques, old churches or Nile river) as the starting picture for METEO World,
    I’d be very grateful for this because my country really need every support.

    Big Egyptian fan

  7. 12.06.14 by joefishalloc

    The cruel war is raging in the center of Europe in Ukraine. There’s a thousand refugees, hundreds of civilians and children are killed and wounded. The Ukrainian government troops fired from tanks and mortars and dropping bombs on the city’s South-East of Ukraine.
    There are many destroyed homes, schools and kindergartens.
    Why euronews silent about this? Why euronews says anything about it? The people of Europe are forced to find information about it on the Internet.
    Wants the European Government to conceal information about this war? But people lose confidence in their government because of this silence and deception.
    European people lose confidence in European democracy because the government and European media terribly afraided tell the truth about this war.
    Now many people already know what happens in Ukraine, actually. Soon all people in the world will be know this.
    As will be justified European Government and media leaders about what they concealed this information?
    Then the European Government and media leaders will have to resign.
    Isn’t it easier to tell the truth now?
    I ask to publish my letter on your website, because my friends from European countries thinks that you will not publish it because were forbidden to speak the truth about the situation in Ukraine for you.
    best regards, Joe Fisher.

  8. 10.06.14 by joefishalloc

    Poroshenko became the new President of Ukraine. The whole world was hoping that he would stop the war in the South-East of his country.
    But the war goes on with a vengeance. The national guard of Ukraine to kill of civilians and to blast the cities.
    Now it becomes clear that Poroshenko is fulfilling orders of the U.S. and is provoking Russia to enter their troops on Ukraine.
    Then NATO will put its troops on Ukraine. It is clear that the USA is interested in destabilization of Europe.
    It will weaken Europe and America will subjugate the whole World. We do not notice that in Ukraine are killing children and women. We do not notice that there are destroyed residential and industrial buildings.
    But not to notice that America provokes Europe to war – it is stupid!
    If Poroshenko not stopped now, it will start the third world war. The war will come to our house.
    We urgently need to stop Poroshenko. I don’t want a war in Europe!
    Stop Poroshenko! Otherwise, our children, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters will begin to die. I don’t want more deaths. Stop Poroshenko!

  9. 04.06.14 by anaoumov

    Dear Editor,
    I am surprised I have to tell you such simple things, but Russia as a country did not participate in the WWII. It did not even exist back then. Country that effectively won the WWII was USSR. During the war, it was not Russian Army, but Soviet Army, which soldiers were from 100+ nationalities, including Russians. Calling Soviet Army “Russian” is annoying and disrespectful to all these nationalities.

    Is this so difficult to memorize in 60 years?
    BTW, I consider myself Russian.

    With regards,


    Dear Anatoli,
    You are quite correct, apologies for the inaccuracy. We will correct it, but you haven’t mentioned in which story it occurred and as you can imagine we have had extensive coverage of WWII events in recent days so it may take a little time to locate. Head of English Service

  10. 04.06.14 by mittsh


    You reported today about the historical D- day. The sound effects behind the interwievs of old veterans were very loud.
    They very often are! Please take into consideration that there are millions of wievers who cannot hear so well – or even have difficulties in hearing, for exempel tinnitus. Could you produce more news with clear speech without the SOUNDS or music? I understand very well English though I am a Finn, but I assume that many non-British wievers would appreciate MORE clear text.

    Best regards, Hannu Mitts


    Dear Hannu,
    Useful feedback, thank you. We will look into it. Head of English Service

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