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  • Al Qaeda’s north African arm claims responsibility for the attack against UN peacekeepers in Mali (AFP)
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  1. 17.10.14 by avnibulliqi

    Regarding to Chris Harris’s today article “Why is there tension between Serbia and Albania?”

    Dear Sir, your point of view on this Problem seems to me very old, 19 century style of writing. We all are Witnesses of last 30 years developing in Europe. However, if you on euronews prefer writing for 19. century Public, OK. Go ahead!

  2. 11.10.14 by jaksa.popovic

    Hello. I saw a little bit of euronews while I was on a vacation. The tabloid journalist standard of reporting was the first surprise. After a while I realized it is just a PR platform that regurgitates official EU/NATO communiques.

    As someone who comes from the Balkans, I cannot believe your hypocrisy in reporting on crisis in Ukraine. If Russia is having a role there, it is copying NATO interventions of the last 15 years (minus the NATO bombing campaigns). How hollow it sounds when Germany, UK, and France talk about respect of territorial integrity and international law.

  3. 28.09.14 by debonopaul

    the most famous airshow is held in Malta. Today, fly theRed Arrows, Frece Tri colori and for the first time the Spanish air Acrobatic Team Patulla Aguila. But just because it is happening in Malta, you ignored it!!!!

  4. 15.09.14 by eligaph

    Dear euronews,

    I trust this finds you well.
    This is concerning your weather page on the euronews homepage.
    Kindly include look into this.
    I suggest that you update the maps on the weather page.
    I reside in Lebanon and every time I check to see the weather in Beirut, I click Europe and find the Eastern Mediterranean countries included on the map. But when I want to look for details, I have to go to Asia and I don’t see Lebanon on the Asian map. it is a bit annoying…
    If you could please either include Lebanon with all its details in Asia, or create a Middle Eastern map that includes the Eastern Mediterranean countries, because I know very well how much it could never be included in Europe. I know it is not your fault, it’s some ancient Greek guy who divided the continents…unfortunately…
    Thank You

  5. 12.09.14 by testnameC04

    Hello. In file is written that CEEDs project’s start date is 09/2010 and duration is 48 months. So September 2014 must be the end of the project. Can you report about the results of the CEEDs project? You have already reported: , but no results project has. So if I hear you aright, 6.5 mln euro is squandered. Please film second episode about CEEDs project.

  6. 20.07.14 by Hodzicalisa

    Sallam and hello from Bosnia,
    I would like someone to try and answer my question regarding Israel attacking Gaza. How do people in Gaza know who is really calling and sending sms to warn them before an attack on their families and houses??? Couldn’t anybody from Israel call and send an sms just by finding out some numbers from people in Gaza??? And how come there is no proof of such a thing on the news??? I think by now,at least someone would come forward to show a call or sms that they received before killing and hurting the people of gaza! And why doesn’t Israel show these tunnels that lead to them, and those missile attacks from Gaza? How come we only see attacks on Gaza.Thank you very much for bringing out the truth in the world. Respectfully ,Worried_from_Bosnia

  7. 18.07.14 by spark

    You told about Boeng and 298 died every hour, and no any word about every day died of civil citizens on Donbass. Today was killed 44 citizens of Lugans by Ukraine army rackets and canons.

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