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Welcome to Feedback. This is the place where you set the agenda. We want to hear about the issues and stories which have upset, entertained, provoked or intrigued you. Whatever you want to make a point about, this is the message forum for you.

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  1. 06.08.15 by pmilliganwyd

    I wrote yesteday to explain that the video shown on euronews and attached to this article was erroneous. I am surprised that this error has been maintained, given the otherwise excellent standard of journalism I find on euronews. For the first time I find euronews decding to maintain a news story that is blatantly false.

    1. Divorced and civilly remarried Catholics are NOT excommunicated under current canon law.

    2. Excommunication is not equivalent to receiving holy communion: – Excommunication is a penal law punishment which excludes from any taking part in Church life at all until the person has changed their ways; – Receiving holy communion requires that the person be subjectively (i.e. according to their own conscience) free from grave sin; – Priests have a duty to refuse communion to people whose objective situation (what is publicly known) is in contradiction with Church teaching

    3. Divorced and civilly remarried Catholics are excluded from receiving holy communion because their public situation is in direct contradiction to Church teaching in marriage. They remain party of the Church community.

    4. It is factually incorrect for your article to say that the Pope has called for an end to excommunication, because there is no excommunication.

    5. It is facutally incorrect for your article to say that the Pope has called on priests to grant holy communion to people in this situation

    6. It is erroneous and misleading to affirm that priests could start to give holy communion to divorced and remarried Catholics because the Pope “calls on them” to do so. The Church’s law on this matter would need to be re-written before any priest would be able to legitimately give communion in such cases.


  2. 05.08.15 by pmilliganwyd

    Today, August 5th, you are running a story that says that Pope Francis wants communion to be given to divorced and remarried Catholics. You are basing tho on his statement of this morning that the divorced and remarried are not excommunicated. Your story us erroneous because it confuses two different things. Please correct this.
    Excommunication is a punishment in Catholic Church law that is applied to vsry specific circumstances, and which has not been applied to divorced and remarried Catholics since at least 1983( if not even longer before). However the divorced and remarried who live as man and wife are not allowed to receive communion because they live in a situation which is in contradiction with the Church’s teaching on marriage. When Pope Francis says they are not excommunicated, he I reminding Catholics that all these people are still part of the Catholic community. But he us nit saying they should receive communion (in short – anyone who is in a state of grave sin should not receive communion, and their situation is classified as a state of grave sin, canons 915 and 916, Code if Canon Law).

  3. 15.06.15 by malexand

    Station Foci

    I would really like to see a European and EU news channel. However euronews does seem to provide a very broad mixture of news, frequently not really aligned with the focus as per the station name. It sometimes appears as if worldwide agency news are reformatted – which is ok, but please focus on the ones pertaining to Europe first.

    Yesterday I received an update event on the euronews mobile app with beep on a “Dallas shooting”. While this surely is tragic how does this relate to Europe? At around the same time Philae (lander of Rosetta, European space mission) established contact again which (a) would have been newsworthy for a mobile alert and (b) have focus on the continent.

    It would be nice to see a Euro-News channel that lives up to its name.

  4. 30.05.15 by perniteo

    In yesterday’s story about Ukraine’s former resort city (
    there is a mistake at the very beginning of the commentary. It says ‘separatist held Mariupol’, however, the city of Mariupol is held by the government forces. Please correct this. Thank you!

  5. 28.05.15 by bossig

    English translation of Russian speech of local resident contains things the resident didn’t say. Such approach is not professional or is an intended propaganda.

  6. 26.05.15 by aaron.peck00

    Why is there no sports section in the euronews app?? That would be great if you could add it in the next update please!


    Dear viewer We’re currently working on this and there should be a sports section on all the apps in the coming months.

  7. 23.05.15 by ham7388

    The first referendun on civil union and gay marriage was held in Malta, not Ireland, as you reported.

    You are giving evtensive coverage to Ireland, unlike Malta.That is because you give more importance to WHERE it happens, not WHAT happens

  8. 07.05.15 by michaelbannerman24

    OK, a few things:

    1) I’m still waiting to hear about the song I was interested in the last time I left feedback. It’s not on the two CDs, but I did hear it again yesterday. Why can’t you list the songs you play and when you play them?

    2) The weather report still stinks since I can’t hear the announcer since she is drowned out by the music.

    3) You mentioned an exhibit at the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin that I wanted more info about: 1945 – Defeat. Liberation. New Beginning. Unfortunately, that was also hard to find on your site.

    Seriously, I listen to you since US public radio is too far to the right, The BBC has terrible programming when I get up, and RFI also has the same issue. You provide news, but not the the best of your ability. Your website is better for getting in depth news, but I’ll check out the BBC if I want a website for news.


  9. 10.04.15 by sko-all

    Orthodox christians will celebrate Easter only tomorrow afternoon and for sure not today!

  10. 29.03.15 by immanuel_b_a

    Today’s News included Space news on the Rosetta mission. The name of the Philae module was pronounced in Hungarian in disagreement with the Hungarian practice of foreign words as /fila-e/. According to Hungarian practice one should follow the original pronounciation in the source language unless the word has an established Hungarian pronounciation. With no established Hungarian pronounciation, the word Philae should follow the one in Egyptian Arabic (also followed in German, French, Italian, among others): /file:/.

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